R. Kelly Lawyers Now Claim He’s Illiterate, Couldn’t Read ‘Served Documents’

Posted On : May 8, 2019

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Case after case, R. Kelly seems to turn up on the wrong side of a trending topic. Now, according to his attorneys, he’s illiterate.

R. Kelly has continuously made headline news, ever since the release of Surviving R. Kelly — the Lifetime documentary regarding the artist and various alleged sexual assault victims, including his ex-wife. With that in mind, several allegations have landed the singer in court.

Or at least, he was supposed to be in court…

NBC News reports that the judge who ordered a default judgment against R. Kelly — after he did not respond to a lawsuit filed by one of his alleged victims — now says the suit can continue.

According to the source, on Wednesday, May 8, Cook County Judge Moira Johnson reinstated the lawsuit after R. Kelly’s lawyers claimed the singer never responded to the alleged victim’s lawsuit because he’s illiterate.

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