R. Kelly’s Brother: ‘I Don’t Believe These Women Are Being Truthful’ [VIDEO]

Posted On : April 12, 2019

You may remember Bruce Kelly’s unwavering support for his brother R Kelly in the controversial documentary Surviving R. KellyNow that his Grammy-award winning brother is facing ten counts of of sexual abuse against four women, three of them underage, Bruce is still on his younger sibling’s side. 

“I’m praying,” Bruce told CBS Chicago. “I’m praying for my brother.” 

When asked about the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer’s legal situation, Bruce said,

“It hurt my soul.”

He is still sitting in Cook County Jail as he awaits trial for possession of a stolen vehicle. R.Kelly was also recently jailed in Cook County for unpaid child support. But the brothers paths did not cross. 

But Bruce still has his little brother Robert is on his mind.

“I Was His Personal Assistant”


Bruce Kelly fell out with his famous sibling in 2015 over unpaid wages. The pair have not spoken since.

“I worked right beside this guy since 1990. Officially working for him. Videos, I mean I was his personal assistant, road manager,” Bruce said.

But despite working so closely with his brother for many years, Bruce says he never saw him with underage females.

“Not young women, but women in general, yes. Robert, he used to keep a lot of things from me. He did. But I can’t say that I’d seen him with young women. Maybe younger than him, but not underage,” Bruce said.

“They Don’t Have Any Proof”


Bruce simply believes that the women are lying and points to “lack of evidence.”

“I just don’t believe that these charges are true,” Bruce said.

“I don’t believe these women are being truthful. I don’t. The thing is the prosecutors in a lot of cases file charges and don’t have the proof, and they know they don’t have proof.”

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