Raven Symone Does It AGAIN! See Why Black People Want Her Fired NOW!

Posted On : October 9, 2015

fb raven symone Raven Symone, formerly known to us Old Schoolers as little “Olivia” from The Cosby Show, got a LOT of people heated after she made a racially charged comment on The View yesterday (10-8-15). We all thought of Raven as the little sweet kid who could do no wrong back in the day, but ever since she’s started opening her mouth to let the real Raven stand up, it seems she’s been doing all the wrong things…at least according to her naysayers. ┬áIt started with her “I’m not AFRICAN-American, I’m just American” comment, then onto her infamous comment stating that “I’m from every continent in Africa, except one, and I’m from every continent in Europe, except one.” Both comments made folks’ jaws drop and I’m not sure if it was out of pity for her ignorance regarding her heritage, or out of anger for her deliberate shunning of her connection to African Americans.

The bottom line is we’re here now, at the point where as of yesterday, Black folks have said they have had it up to here with Raven’s racial disses and want her off The View.

Yesterday on the show, Raven made negative references to Black people’s…