Really? Nick Cannon Has New Gorgeous Dark Skin Girlfriend, But Baby Mama Throws Shade?

Posted On : July 6, 2017
Nick Cannon(Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images)

Ever had a moment when all you tried to do was keep the peace, but for some reason your ex, or fellow co-worker, or somebody just HAD to try you? Welp, that was the case in the very shady situation that has recently transpired between Mariah Carey’s ex-husband/actor, Nick Cannon, his current girlfriend, Lanisha Coleman, and his baby momma, Brittany Bell…and her mother!

Why People Are Surprised Nick’s With Dark Skin Black Woman

So here’s the situation: First off, everybody and their Mommas were shocked as hell to see that Nick not only has a fully Black girlfriend, but a beautiful dark skin one at that. We gotta keep it real with y’all and point out that none of us should act like we don’t know why many folks are shocked. Based on Nick’s public relationship history, many assumed he wasn’t attracted to dark skin women.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Nick, nor anyone else, having a preference in their mates, this is just an observation that anyone within the general public can see:  His past girlfriends/wife/fiancee have either been Latina (his youngest son’s mother, Brittany; and singer, Christina Milian); Armenian (his ex, Kim Kardashian); or else it seemed that Nick mostly preferred light skin and/or biracial Black women (ex-wife, Mariah, who’s African American/Irish/Venezuelan;  ex-fiancee/Victoria Secrets model, Selita Ebanks, who is of Caymanian/Jamaican decent).  But here he is today…

Meet Nick’s New Model Girlfriend

Nick Cannon’s girlfriend/model, Lanisha Cole

So back to this gorgeous girlfriend of Nick’s. Her name is Lanisha Cole and she’s a well known model. Some of us may recognize her face from her days as a hip hop/R&B video model…before the title ‘video model’ was synonymous with ‘booty poopin’ twerkers’ (no shade to new aged video models, again, it’s just an observation). Anywho, Lisa was the female in Pharrelle’s and Jay Z’s classic, “Frontin”…


The Reason Lanisha & Nick Had To Defend Her Title

Lanisha Cole

After word surfaced, a couple days ago, that Nick is now dating a Black woman, blogs, websites, and fans alike were all talking, as we still are now and understandably so.

Lanisha Cole

Apparently, Lanisha and Nick didn’t like the way one site described her, by calling her a “regular Black” girlfriend. Lanisha responded on Instagram and Nick backed her up in the comments section on her page, by referring to her as a “Queen”…awww. Check out their exchange below…

Nick responds…

Nick Cannon honors his lady on Instagram (screenshot via The Shade Room)

Nick’s Latina Baby Momma Throws Shade?

Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell- mother of their son, Golden

Then came the obvious shade…or maybe just a coincidental Instagram post (side eye). Many of y’all may recall when Nick’s baby momma/former Miss Columbia beauty pageant winner, Brittany Bell,  gave birth to their son, Golden, in February 2017. All throughout Brittany’s pregnancy, both she and Nick made it crystal clear to the public that they were not together, but were fully committed to co-parenting their child. Nick also stated, in an interview, that he and Brittany never actually dated, but were cool friends. That’s what makes the timing of her Instagram photo and caption suspiciously shady-ish. Soon as the story broke about Nick and Lanisha being a ‘thing,’ Brittany posted this on the same day…

Brittany Bell’s Instagram post

Fans React

There were several comments left on her page (most of which have disappeared), slamming her for her perceived shade toward Nick and Lanisha…

Brittany Bell’s Family Claps Back

Brittany’s family had her back though. Her mother, Venessa, and another woman, who is reportedly her sister, jumped in on the convo’ to defend her…



As of now (7-6-17), everything on Nick’s Instagram has been deleted for, except for one photo. He’ll probably be back up and running again once this baby momma drama blows over. Congrats to him for finding companionship with his new lady though. Wishing Nick, Lanisha, Brittany, and Mariah the best in what so far seems to be quite a journey for the four of them.