Remember This “Go Outside In The Rain” Singer? She’s Doing THIS Now

Posted On : June 6, 2015

milira cover

Remember Milira? We couldn’t get enough of her jam “Go Outside In The Rain” back in the day. After she won on the Apollo in the late 80’s, her career took off faster than you could say peace and hair grease.

We were seeing Milira everywhere because the Apollo Theater execs were experienced enough to recognize a star when they saw one and therefore in they quickly signed Milira to their Apollo record label and distributed her 1990 self titled album under the Motown Records imprint.

Milira hit the music scene full steam ahead and every vocal she laid gave us a taste of one of her favorite singers, jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, whom Milira seemed to pattern her scatting abilities after.

After her second album, Back Again released in 1992 though, it seemed as if Milira knew magic because she up and disappeared from the scene, although she did come back with one last album in 2000 titled Solutions, which received very little mainstream spotlight.

milira bw cover

So what happened? Where did she go? Well it turns out she chose some very different careers after stepping away from the music industry, but she was also hit with a very unfortunate fate after that…