After Rev. Run’s Son Makes Announcement To Find A Wife, Cougars & Youngins Flip Out

Posted On : May 13, 2019

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Aight ILOSM family, y’all ready to see just how Old School we all are? Welp, whether we’re ready or not, here’s it is…

Make some noise if you remember when Rev. Run’s (of Run DMC) and his wife, Justine’s, sons were kids in what seems like just yesterday, on their blended family reality show, “Run’s House’s,” in 2005. At that time, their son, Diggy, was just a 10 year old wet-behind-the-ears kid, who the world watched play with his brother and chop it up with his parents and older siblings about life lessons and such.

Fast forward to today though ad Diggy is letting the ladies know he’s a grown man now and not only that…get this- at 23 years old the young brotha is an old soul , who’s ready to find a wife and settle down. Matter of fact, Diggy Simmons- who’s also a rapper- done turned the internet upside down with his recent public service announcement about wanting to find a wife. As a result, he the chuckles we had after watching the cougars and the youngins make their offers to Diggy are priceless.

So without further ado people…scroll down to check out Diggy and his seek-a-bride PSA announcement below…

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