After Rev. Run’s Son Makes Announcement To Find A Wife, Cougars & Youngins Flip Out

Posted On : May 13, 2019
Rev. Run’s son, Diggy Simmons, at 23 years old (Instagram)

Before we get to Diggy’s public-seek-and-find-a-bride-confession, get a glimpse of just how fast time has flown by, with these latest photos of Rev. Run’s and Justine Simmons’ son. As y’all can see, dude even has chiseled up 6-pack abs and has no prob’ showing them off for his female fans.

Diggy’s Wife Search
Speaking of female fans, now onto Diggy’s seek-and-search-a-bride Twitter announcement:

“I just want a wife and our fly a$$ home filled with rare Scandinavian and Mid Century Modern furniture with African ceramics, and we listen to Brazilian music and Sade in the mornings while we switch off each day cooking some fye sh*t. That’s it.”

Diggy Simmons [Instagram]
Lo and behold, Diggy’s wifey-seek-n-search returned results quicker than Google. As soon as he tapped ‘post’ on his Twitter message, females of all ages came outta the woodwork, flooding the timelines with responses to his request. Apparently, they liked the game Diggy was spittin,’ or maybe they were diggin’ his abs, or it could be the allure of that family wealth he hails from…or possibly a combination of all three. Whatever the reasons are, peep a sample of the comical reactions below…

There were these responses:

aa_int*****: Oh my my my, lil heat seeking Millennial unicorn
ilov*******: He has such an old soul! I’m not usually about that cougar life but roarrrrrr

flyg****: I mean now that your a big boy
iamst******: How old is he again asking for myself

kell********: Diggy tryna get him a woman in her 30’s ‍♀️

And these:

pat*****: Here I am. Here I am. How do you do?
ric****: You rang Diggy???
to****: I’m trying to get flewed out diggy
clo******: He had me at SADE Wooo .. Me, I’m her .. I’m ready !

Following all the hype surrounding Diggy Simmons’ public wife announcement, he has since received 23,234 likes on Twitter.