Richard Pryor Spoke Candidly About Being With Transgender, But Wait ‘Til You Get A Load Of His Son

Posted On : October 13, 2014

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Check out what Richard said happened to him as a child (via NY Daily News):
Richard talked about being molested as a boy. He recalled telling his family how a priest had kissed him on the lips, and how his dad and uncle plotted to blackmail the priest by encouraging young Richard to flirt with the reverend on the phone. Pryor’s grandma put an end to that charade. But there was an earlier incident, one where an older man named Hoss forced Richard to have oral sex with him in an alley. “I told no one,” writes Pryor. “Ever.

“Years later, when the superstar went back to Peoria to make “Jo Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling,” the man showed up at Pryor’s movie trailer with his son. “I was seized by that old sense of fear,” Pryor writes. “The boy was about the same age I’d been when his father raped me. . . . I couldn’t believe it. After preparing a lifetime for this moment, I suddenly had nothing to say.

“Pryor adds that he shook both their hands: “I hoped the boy fared better.

The abuse hardly turned Pryor off sex. Instead, he came to know countless women. Many were hookers. One was a transvestite who looked like Josephine Baker. One night, “I discovered that she was actually a he. For some reason, I didn’t care. . . . But after two weeks of being gay . . . I went back to life as a heterosexual.”
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