Rick Ross Claims Toni Braxton Being ‘Used’ By Her Man Birdman???

Posted On : December 20, 2017

A couple days ago, it was revealed that Birdman could lose his home over a $12 million unpaid loan. So, of course, fans have a lot to say about the extravagant rapper’s financial woes. However, fans aren’t the only people dragging him. Apparently, Rick Ross has quite a bit to say about Birdman’s downfall.

Dragged To Hell:

According to SOHH, Rick Ross is still bashing Birdman for failing to pay Lil’ Wayne the money he’s owed for royalties. The Florida rapper also insists the latest reports involving the $12 million owed to a company called EMG Transfer Agent proves Birdman has been on a downward spiral for more than five years. From the looks of it, it appears Birdman has been floating money for a while. But Rick Ross even went a step further. He even accused Birdman of being with Toni Braxton for money.

“You mean you move to Miami, took out a loan on a mansion, then took out another loan on a mansion and you still ain’t paid your little n*gga. You ain’t had no money in six, seven years, n*gga. You should have came and borrowed something from Rozay. Now you wanna f*ck that old lady life up too. You probably borrowing some money from her. I might go buy that f*cking house on the water just to keep my boat there. I ain’t even going to stay there, that sh*t’s too small.”


Married Or Nah?:

The latest news about Birdman follows a string of reports about him secretly marrying Toni Braxton. For more than a year now, the two have reportedly been dating but Toni’s rep has confirmed they are not married; at least not yet. When Toni appeared at the Soul Train Awards with Birdman, the ring on her finger turned quite a few heads and fueled rumors about the possibility of her being married to the Cash Money Records CEO.

Check out of the ring:


By now, fans know Toni has also had her share of financial woes. So, it doesn’t seem like she’d be the best person to bail him out. Right now, Birdman appears to be on a downward spiral and things are falling apart fast. If he doesn’t come up with the money to cover the principal, interest, and penalties associated with that loan, he could lose his home.