Ron Isley’s 35 YEARS YOUNGER WIFE Tells WHY She Married Him

Posted On : June 8, 2016

When Ron Isley exchanged vows with his bride, Kandy, who is 35 years his junior, in 2005, a lot of people were suspicious. At the wedding ceremony, Kandy donned a beautiful, custom made $15,000 gown, Ron gifted her with a $3million necklace, and at the ceremony he slid that big 14 carat diamond rock onto her left hand. George Duke played at their wedding, Philip Bailey serenaded them, Kid Kapri DJ’d the reception, and The Beverly Hills Hotel setting didn’t come cheap…that’s when people really started talking…


Ron Isley and Kandy dated for 7 years prior to getting married in 2005 and have a 10 year old son together. In a recent interview with KTVI, from their home in St. Louis, MO, Kandy revealed why she is attracted to her 75 year old husband. (Note: Some reports say Ron is 75 and Kandy's 40, others say he's 74 and she's 39):

"He's a GENTLEMEN! I mean, you're talking about romance, he puts the 'R' in romance...from fine dining, to treating a woman like a man should, with respect. As we developed a relationship, we had a lot of things in common and Ronald...even though he's older, he's young at heart."
Then Ron Isley added:
"She does these amazing things for me, you know. She answers a lot of questions that I need to have answers for you know and she keeps me going."
Kandy also said "Age ain't nothing but a number," and we're very happy for the lovebirds. BUT many people across the internet don't feel the same way. See what they're saying here...  

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