Why Did Sade Start Crying When Asked About Her Love Life?

Posted On : November 11, 2014

SadeThis will explain why Sade is such a private person. When she was asked about her love life by a journalist, she started crying because she was in the process of breaking up with the love of her life at the time of this mid 80’s interview. She’s stated plenty of times that she has had some bad luck in the love department, but that’s what she also says helps her to create those classic Sade songs. We’ve all loved us some Sade for decades, but we don’t know much about who she really is and this is the reason why:

During one grueling interrogation by a female tabloid journalist about her love life – which, as we’ll see, has been far from straightforward – she burst into tears and vowed there and then to give up interviews altogether. “It started to feel like opening yourself up to everybody you’d ever sat next to on a bus. Why would you do that?” Nor did she enjoy being promoted as “this sophisticated lifestyle accessory”, though she doesn’t regret it. “If the music didn’t outshine the image, it just wasn’t being listened to in the right way.”

[Source: soulhead]

Like we said, we love Sade like we love our Moms’ cooking, but if we were to keep it 100% real, as fans, most of us would rather not only hear artists talk about their lives in a song, we also want them to verify that what they’re singing about is real. So yes, most of us want to hear Sade, as well as our other favorite artists, speak on their lives and sing about their truths because when it gets down to it, if artists really want to sell to us, being authentic is what truly helps us connect to them- we want the good the bad and the ugly, so we can really feel their music and understand them as people on a much deeper level. As fans, we’re always looking for a connection, even if we don’t always realize it, and we gage that connection by the authenticity of an artist’s music. If there’s no authenticity in their music, its more of a disconnection between them and their fans.
We love you Sade, and many more of your fans would love you that much more if they knew you a little more. Therefore, we’ll be right here waiting when/if you’re ready to let us in. Even if you don’t though, we will still love you, because there’s NO denying that you’re an incredible artist.

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