Secret Sister Of Michael Jackson Says He Treated Her Horribly, Gives Details

Posted On : June 5, 2021
Joe Jackson with his daughter, Joh’vonnie Jackson

Many of us have heard by now that the late patriarch of the Jackson fam,’ Joseph “Joe” Jackson, had a love-child with his former secretary, Cheryle Terrell. Their affair was much more than a fling…it was in fact Joe’s second family for approximately twenty-five years. Joe was very close to Cheryle and their daughter– whom he remained closed to until his dying day. Joe’s second family lived just five miles away from the Jackson family’s Encino, CA home he shared with his wife, Katherine Jackson, and their superstar children. Decades later their love-child, Joh’Vonnie Jackson (46), has spoken out to share details of what some of her interactions with her Jackson siblings were like. In particular, she says one sibling – Michael Jackson – treated her the worst.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Joh’Vonnie discussed her memoir, ‘The Bastard Child,” revealing that she has tons of pleasant memories growing up with her pops, Joe, being very present in her life. She says Joe was at their house nearly daily — when he wasn’t working on the road — playing with her, buying her many gifts, having dinner with she and her mom, and disciplining her when need-be.

Joh’vonnie Jackson with her dad, Joe Jackson

Though Katherine Jackson reportedly knew all about Joe’s second family,  Joh’Vonnie says Joe kept her away from her famous siblings, obviously to avoid causing a rift within the Jackson fam.’ But then came that fateful day she got to meet her big bro,’ Michael Jackson…when she was 29 years old in 2003.

Secret Sister’s First Meeting With Michael Was “Hurtful”

Joh’Vonnie met Michael at his Neverland Ranch for a big family reunion. She was hella excited, but that excitement soon turned to heartache. According to Joh’Vonnie, Michael was extremely cold with her…but not with his niece [her then eight-year-old daughter]:

“It was a big moment for me,” Joh’Vonnie recalls, her eyes narrowing. But Michael was looking at me and seemed cold and standoffish, he just said hi and then he saw my daughter Yasmine, and he was just fascinated with her, in awe.

He said ‘Hi Jasmine’ and I said, ‘No, Michael, her name is Yasmine with a Y,’ I had to correct him. He said ‘okay, Yasmine with a Y,’ and then that was it. He never acknowledged that I was his sister, there was no hug or kiss, not even a hand shake, no physical contact at all.

I wanted to embrace him, I thought that he would wanna go some place quiet and sit and talk with me and ask me about my life and get to know me a little better. It was very hurtful, he wasn’t interested at all.”

She Became “Jealous” Of Michael’s Warmth Toward Her Daughter

Joe Jackson with son, Michael Jackson

Joh’Vonnie confessed that Michael’s pleasant interactions with her daughter, Yasmine, made her jealous:

“With my daughter he was totally different, she got hugs and kisses, everything I didn’t get, I’m woman enough to admit I was jealous.

We met outside by the movie theater, there was a bunch of people there. I never did get a chance to speak to Michael properly. At the time it was very hurtful, again there was this theme that I felt shut out.”

The Next Day, Michael ‘Ignored’ His Sister

Joh’Vonnie says she wasn’t invited to stay the night at MJ’s Neverland Ranch, so she stayed with her cousin at a hotel. But she went back to Neverland the next day, hoping to have a better connection with her big bro’, here’s what she says happened next:

“I didn’t see Michael all day, he was in the main house,” she said.

“Yasmine and Paris [Michael’s daughter] were off playing for hours, she was playing with her little cousin, Paris is such a sweet girl. I was sat with the rest of the family.”

Joh’Vonnie says Michael never made any effort to talk to her, nor her daughter on the second day, and eventually left the premises without even saying goodbye to them.

Why Did Michael Dislike His Secret Sis’?

Joh’Vonnie Jackson

According to Daily Mail, family insiders claim Michael hated the close-knit relationship Joh’Vonnie had with their father all of her life. Insiders say he longed for that same type of affectionate bond with Joe, whom he and his siblings were forced to call “Joseph,” while Joh’Vonnie was allowed to call their father ‘daddy.’ When Joe and Katherine separated, living in separate homes, the then-twenty-something year old Joh’Vonnie moved into Joe’s Las Vegas home with him, while working as a baggage handler at the nearby airport. That reportedly further pissed of Michael.

However, Joh’Vonnie says at that time, she did manage to have a brief phone conversation with Michael in 1999, when he called Joe’s home. Joh’Vonnie eagerly asked if she could speak with MJ before he hung up:

“I had rowed with Joseph and was asking him why was daddy so mean, he told me not to let Joseph upset me and I said, ‘Okay, but Michael don’t forget about me, call me.’

I thought he was being nice, but I never heard from him after that until we met at Neverland.”

Sister’s Biggest Regret About MJ

Joh’Vonnie says she hates the fact that she was not able to bond with MJ before his passing, because she believes she could have possibly saved him from overdosing:

“I mourn a relationship that never began, that’s what I’m sad about,” she says. “Because there’s a great possibly that I could have made a difference, I’m out spoken, @no you’re not doing this today Michael’. I could have made a difference and stopped some of the things he was doing to himself. It’s sad and I’m not going to continue to beat myself up about it because that wasn’t my doing, these are decisions that he made.”

Thoughts, ILOSM fam?’