See Why Magic Johnson’s OLDEST SON Drove The Ladies CRAZY On The Beach!

Posted On : April 13, 2016

magic johnson4
Magic Johnson’s oldest son, Andre Johnson, is 35 years old now and he has the ladies of the internet talking up a storm. Why is that, you ask? Because he and his 56 year old Pops were spotted on vacation on beach in Hawaii recently and it was Andre’s shirtless pics that drove the ladies wild.

Okay before we go any further, let’s back up for a second: when most of us think about Magic’s son, we typically think about his youngest son, E.J. Johnson III, the flamboyant and openly proud gay reality star who is oftentimes seen everywhere. BUT Magic’s other son, Andre, is the one who stays low key and out of the public’s eye. Well that is until now, check out the recent photos of Magic’s son below…


Magic Johnson is pictured here with his wife, Cookie, his son, Andre, and Andre's wife, Melissa, who was pregnant at the time with their child.