See The Woman Eddie Murphy’s Having His NINTH CHILD With…

Posted On : December 5, 2015

b eddie weird face Eddie Murphy is like the energizer Bunny when it comes to poppin’ out kids. We’re not sure if he’s trying to create a small village, or a small basketball team, but he’s on his way to making one them.

Eddie is 54 years young and is about to be a father again…and we’re not mad at him one bit for still making them, as long as he has the paper and the dedication to raise them, which he most definitely does…that’s evident with his relationships with all of his other children.

eddie murphy and girlfriend
Eddie Murphy with his pregnant girlfriend of 3 years, Paige Butcher

Eddie and his girlfriend/model and soon-to-be baby mama number…uh…I lost count, Paige Butcher (36), were spotted at their favorite coffee spot in Studio City, Cali. that they’re always known to frequent. Don’t be so quick to jump all over Eddie’s woman about their caffeine intake though-  she left her usual caffeine binge to her man, since she’s now pregnant. Paige isn’t showing yet because she isn’t due until May 2016.

eddie and girlfriend paige butcherLike I said earlier, we lost count of all of the mothers of Eddie’s children, so we’ll sidetrack for a minute to refresh our memory…bare with us: Okay, Eddie has a total of eight children already- With his ex-wife Nicole Murphy; an ex-girlfriend (whom he dated prior to Nicole and apparently they were still acquainted in the very beginning of their courtship as well, because Nicole and Eddie’s ex each have one child by Eddie that are only months apart); Eddie also has another child from another previous relationship who was also from the pre-Nicole era. After Eddie and Nicole divorced, he had a baby with former Spice Girl singer, Mel B.; and now here we are…Eddie is about to be Daddy for the ninth time. That is a total of 5 baby mothers and 9 children…do your thing Eddie!

eddie and paige We wish Eddie and Paige a happy healthy baby and look forward to seeing the little cutie pie when he or she gets hear in mid 2016.