More Serious Than Ever: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Seen In First Outing With His Daughter Corinne

Posted On : April 10, 2019

Jamie Foxx has always been a noted ladies man that fully embraced the bachelor lifestyle for years until rumors began swirling that he and actress Katie Holmes were dating. And at first many cocked their heads to the side like “Huh?” because it seemed like an odd pairing. Yet it’s true. However, their relationship has been so secretive people are always wondering “Are they still together?”

A Trip Down Memory Lane

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Speculation of Jamie and Katie’s budding romance began six years ago in 2013 when according to US Weekly, at the time, Jamie and Katie had been involved in a secret relationship that was so covert it actually involved disguises.

Us first revealed in March 2015 that the Dawson’s Creek alum and Foxx had been secretly dating for two years. At the time, the couple mostly limited their interactions to each other’s homes. At times, a source previously told Us, Holmes would go as far as to dress in disguise to meet up with her man. An insider said that Holmes would “put on a wig and hat to meet him at a hotel.”

In the following years the two of them kept toying with the public as they continued their “Are They or Aren’t They?” performance until the two of them finally became a little more serious. By January of last year they had decided it was time to let everyone know they were an item by sitting together at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party in New York City. But things took another turn when, back in February, Jamie informed reporters at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscars after party that he was now single. And partying with his friend and All-Star Weekend co-star Jessica Szhor that night didn’t necessarily quiet the rumors either.

So what’s the deal now then? Are Jamie and Katie still together or not??

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