More Serious Than Ever: Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Seen In First Outing With His Daughter Corinne

Posted On : April 10, 2019
via Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reports that Jamie and Katie are still very much together as they were seen holding hands after dinner and a movie in Los Angeles Monday night. And to add an extra dash of ‘Awww’ to their public appearance Jamie’s daughter, model Corinne Foxx, was also there, completing what looks like the outing of one big happy family.

via Daily Mail

Perhaps the two of them are finally coming to the realization that after six years it’s pretty official you’re a couple. However, they still want keep their relationship out of the public eye.

via Daily Mail


‘They’re still very, very private. You’re not going to hear or see every time they’re together because they don’t flaunt their relationship in public.’ An insider told Entertainment Tonight last month.

‘They still plan to keep their relationship private, This is what has worked for them and what they are comfortable with. They aren’t a couple who is going to stroll down the street holding hands.’

Hey, whatever works. Because in Hollywood six years is more like twenty-five.