Stephanie Mills Shared Throwback Photo Of Her Famous Childhood Boyfriend And Stunned Many

Posted On : January 13, 2023
Stephanie Mills

Here at I Love Old School Music, we love us some Stephanie Mills. Not only because she could sing circles around many of these new R&B singers heads today, but also because she’s one of the realest music legends to ever grace the game. So real, in fact, that she has no qualms about letting folks get a sneak peak into her dating life. Well, she lets them in on the throwback era of her dating life, not necessarily the current era.

Anywho, we’ll take what we can get. That brings us to the recent social media post she shared where she revealed that her childhood “boyfriend” is a legend in his own right…and nope, we’re not talking about Stephanie’s other ex, Michael Jackson. This go ’round, we’re referring to a Hollywood legend, who first became widely known from his work in Spike Lee’s joints back in the day. He was a dominant force on the screen then, and fast forward to today, he’s proven to be a very versatile and dominant force on camera now. Y’all already know the drill ILOSM fam’…get your scroll-on below, to check out who Stephanie Mills’ boyfriend once was…

Stephanie Mills’s Childhood “Boyfriend” Is…

Giancarlos Esposito

Months ago, Ms. Mills announced that she and actor, Giancarlo Esposito, were childhood sweethearts. Most of us old Schoolers know Giancarlo a.k.a. “Julian” the leader of the “Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity” in School Daze a.k.a. “Buggin out” a.k.a. from Do The Right Thing and his countless other roles in Mo Betta Blues, Malcolm X, most recently as “Gus Fring” from the television series’, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

In her post, Stephanie Mills shared a way-back-when photo of herself rockin’ two plaited ponytails, a ruffled dress, and a non-smile next to her then-boyfriend, Giancarlo, who was decked out in his suit and bowtie, smiling ear-to-ear…

Actor, Giancarlo Esposito, and singer, Stephanie Mills, as “boyfriend and girlfriend”

She captioned the above photo with the following message:

#WBW 😂😂😂me and actor @thegiancarloesposito Aka #JohnCarlos when we were kids we called ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend. #WAYbackThen😂😂😂

Many were pretty much flabbergasted by her revelation of their past childhood love to say the least, even celebs like Jody Watley, D-Nice, Sheryl lee Ralph and more…

dnice: Omg! Awesome!

thesherylleeralph: 😍😍I LOVE this!!!!!

rodneyfoster: Awesome

debrobertsabc: Love those twists!

Other comments were from fans encouraging her manager, Amp Harris, to entice Stephanie Mills to get going with a biopic, or autobiographical memoir about her life, after noticing Amp mention to D-Nice that he was pushing to get that done:

ampharris: @dnice bro I am on her to write this book. She keeps pushing back…So do I😂😂😂.
1d31 likesReply

sir.dami*******: @ampharris the stories she could tell late 70s 80s 90s and 2000s – her story would be so lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

djahsen****: @ampharris keep pressing cause I need that audiobook

nicole0*******: @ampharris stay on her w/writing her life story.

jidah_****: @ampharris PLEASE KEEP PUSHING QUEEN @iamstephaniemills I’ve been a fan since my parents took me to see her on Broadway and when I got my 1st stereo at 10 her album(along with ConFunkShun) was the 1st music I got to play on it. OMG! She is sooooooo worthy of her story being told. Not just for us Fans but for the WORLD to know her contribution to the industry and the world as a whole! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Well alright nah, Ms. Mills! First, it was Giancarlo Esposito…then it was the iconic Michael Jackson. Her dating game was legendary back in the day.