Stephanie Mills Obliterates Oprah, HBO, & MJ Accusers In Honor Of Her Ex, Michael Jackson

Posted On : April 14, 2019

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When it comes to the legendary songstress Stephanie Mills there are few facts that are certain: (1) She is a SANGIN’ somebody; (2) She’s still sexy as ever at 62; (3) she’s a 4’9″ feisty woman, who always speaks her mind; and (4) when it comes to standing up for her ex-boyfriend, Michael Jackson, she is most definitely his ‘ride-or-die type of chick’.

The latter description of Ms. Mills could not be more evident in her latest display of outspokenness, regarding the Leaving Neverland documentary and everyone involved…including Oprah.

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In case anyone out there didn’t know that the “Feel Good” singer dated MJ back in the day, we’ll break down their monumental coupled up era shortly. For now though, let’s dig into how Stephanie Mills has just put Oprah Winfrey, HBO, and MJ’s accusers all in their places over the ‘lies’ the accusers told about her ex.

In a lengthy online post, Mills had much to say about HBO’s documentary and the discrepancies it’s exposed. Scroll down to get a load of this…

Wait ‘Til You See How Mills Is Checkin’ EVERYBODY>>>