Stephanie Mills Obliterates Oprah, HBO, & MJ Accusers In Honor Of Her Ex, Michael Jackson

Posted On : April 14, 2019

For those who missed it, here’s what we previously reported…

In a past interview on Mo’Nique’s talk show, Stephanie Mills gladly gave a lil’ insight about the time she dated MJ:

Mills: “At that time, I was what- 15, 16 years old – and every girl in America wanted to be with Michael Jackson. And I just KNEW that I was gonna be Mrs. Michael Jackson.

Now …I will say this, he was TRULY my boyfriend, now I don’t know if I was his girlfriend, but he was TRULY my boyfriend, okay?!! And we spent a LOT of time together. I got a chance to spend a LOTTA time with him, especially when…he would come to the show [“The Wiz” Broadway play when Mills starred as “Dorothy”] almost everyday and sit back and watch…and I got a chance to go to the house. So we became really, really, really, really good friends and I was REALLY in love. I just knew I was gon’ be Mrs. Michael Jackson. […]

I was washing his clothes, I stayed with him on Sutton [inaudible]. … I made rice for him one day and he said the rice was real runny, because I can’t cook -I don’t profess to cook- but he ate it. I was trying to cook for him (LOL).”

When Mo’Nique jokingly said, “Now that sounds like an overnight visit…did you go to Never-Neverland?!!” Stephanie laughed, then replied:

“YEEEESSS! …Well, I will say this, I used to spend a lot of time [with Michael] and I did spend the night, but [she pauses] I did, I just spent the night (LOL).”

Watch her full interview below…