Stephanie Mills Obliterates Oprah, HBO, & MJ Accusers In Honor Of Her Ex, Michael Jackson

Posted On : April 14, 2019

Mills Calls Oprah & HBO “Ambulance Chasers…

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After several parts of MJ’s sex abuse accusers, Wade Robson’s and James Safechuck’s, claims were exposed for being either fictitious or having been altered by them on several occasions, Mills took to social media to go OFF. She also slammed Oprah and HBO for giving them a platform:

We live in this new way of life where being first is better than being correct! They slandered his name, they tried to ruin his image, they wanted the ratings, they wanted the likes and clicks and all they got was embarrassed and humbled for being ambulance chasers! #HBO, #Oprah and all involved, owe my friend #MichaelJackson, his family and friends an apology for what they did.

I really want y’all to have that same energy to right what y’all know was so wrong when y’all took the word of two individuals that had zero credibility when y’all sat down with them. You can’t blame them for trying, however when the pros go low…we go high! #GodDontLikeUgly…and he ain’t that cool with pretty either. What y’all did was unprofessional and ugly! We have got to do better and we have to stop with the assignation of people who are no longer here to defend themselves. I love and miss you Michael. Go ahead my friend and Moon Walk into your greatness. Because NO weapon formed against you shall prosper

As you can see, Ms. Mills had a LOT to get off her chest…understandably so.

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