Stevie Wonder Gets Viciously Bashed By White Fans For Kneeling, But Here’s His Response

Posted On : September 30, 2017

Stevie Wonder has always been about speaking out for equal rights. Today he’s no different. We’ve seen him make headlines recently, for taking not one, but two knees at the Global Festival, to protest police brutality against African Americans and also Trump for calling NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem ‘sons of bi*ches.’

After doing so, Stevie has received a ton of support for his bravery. However, some of his White fans have now turned on him, leaving comments on his social media pages to bash him for standing up for equality for Black people and all other oppressed groups. Yeah, I know it sounds weird and racist as hell, but don’t take my word for it, see some of the comments for yourself. One commenter even told Stevie to “eat a bullet.” While another cursed him out and called him a “blind co*k sucker.”

The Backlash

“F*ck you you blind co*k suck. Don’t like America fu*king leave.”

The commenters proudly posted their messages on Stevie’s Facebook page for all the world to see:





Watch Stevie’s Response

After getting the backlash, Stevie was stopped by paparazzi the other day and questioned about taking a knee with the NFL protest. He was clearly unbothered by the hate. He also further explained the point of taking a knee to the people who choose to turn a blind eye to the countless murders of Black people at the hands of police and the many injustices in America.

Stevie’s message is simple, the kneel is not about the flag, it’s about equality and justice. In other words, he thinks the ‘disrespectful flag’ commenters should cut the BS and wake the hell up. Check out his below…

Gotta love how Stevie is always so poised, even when addressing haters. Maybe the fans who left the hateful comments, will now understand his message. But if not, who cares? Stevie Wonder still has millions of other fans of ALL races who are standing with him, his music, and everything he stands for.

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