Still Getting Money: Chaka Khan Unveils New Line Of Wigs And They’re Iconic!

Posted On : April 28, 2019

During the Essence interview Chaka wanted everyone to know that the iKhanic line isn’t going to be a boring re-hash of products already out there. She’s planning on making sure her wigs stand out from the rest.

My idea is to do some like rainbow colored clip-ins and stuff. Not something pink, not pink and blue. I’m talking ’bout some hair colors, like real colors. I’m thinking of doing some leopard stuff.

When asked why it took her so long to venture into the hair industry, especially since her hair has always stood out, she said;

I got to it when I got ready. I want to empower younger people, to live their best lives, to feel good about themselves. To love themselves. Even though I’m still working on loving myself. I’m still working on it but it’s something that I think can be achieved. Time for me to share.

And finally, when asked if she would be introducing any new products Chaka said;

Absolutely. My clothing line. I’m doing makeup. I’m doing everything to help everybody I can to enhance the beauty that they possess. But I want to stress that the beauty comes from the inside and that’s the main thing.

Congratulations to Chaka for not only starting a new business venture but for using hair as a means to empower young folks to walk their path while feeling beautiful and ready to take on the world. And that’s a lesson everyone needs to be reminded of everyday.