Strange Circumstances: Both of Dame Dash’s Exes Are Set To Sue Director Lee Daniels for Over $1 Million Dollars

Posted On : May 13, 2019

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TMZ also reports that both Roy and Morales, mother’s to three of his children, are seeking hefty back child support payments and instead of going to Dash they’re shaking down the Lee Daniels money tree to see if a few dollars will make it rain on them as well. TMZ reports;

According to legal docs — obtained by TMZ — Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales are going after Daniels because they say the money he agreed to pay Dame to squash a $5 mil lawsuit … is rightfully theirs.

Here’s the backstory — the rap mogul’s ex-wife Rachel, with whom he has 2 daughters, claims he owes her $826,166.88 in back child support and other expenses … and Morales, mother of his son, claims he owes her $244,721.43.

Their claims come in just under $1.1 million and both ladies have stated that Dash has barely paid them anything this year. There are also warrants out for Dash’s arrest in connection to his child support situation and he has guaranteed that he will discuss this issue in further detail with both ladies so they can come to an agreement. Lee Daniels has yet to release a statement on Roy and Morales’ pending lawsuit.