Tamar Lovingly Details How Her New Man Is Different From Her Estranged Husband & Her Man Reacts

Posted On : May 29, 2019

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Tamar Braxton is crazy in love with her new man and not only do they want the whole world to know, Tamar is making it very clear, what makes her Nigerian boo-thang different from her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert.

Of course the physical difference between Vince and Tamar’s man, David Adefeso, is obvious, but according to the open love letter Tamar has just shared for David, their differences go far beneath the exterior.

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David Taught Her What “Love” Truly Is…But Apparently, Vince Did Not…

In a new online post, Tamar decided to let David know how she really feels about him, as well as the main difference he’s now taught her about “love,” that she’d never learned during her decades long union with Vince. Tamar started with this:

“The fact that I once thought that love was a feeling. The fact is every thing about that word is an action. To be patient and kind and giving, respectful, Honest, mature, nurturing, protective, present, problem solving ,a provider, Saved, Positive, considerate, all about family, is EVERYTHING that u are LOVE..”

Tamar continued:

“…You won’t let me run and hide Nor have a tantrum without communicating and facing ANY situation! Thank you for showing me that it’s not just about FEELINGS!! It’s DOING! #mylove I’m so grateful for you Happy just Being YOU day @david.adefeso.’

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