Tamar Lovingly Details How Her New Man Is Different From Her Estranged Husband & Her Man Reacts

Posted On : May 29, 2019

Photo Tamar Braxton posted of her man, David Adefeso [Instagram]
David Responds To His Bae,’ Tamar…
Soon as Tamar laid her heart on the line in front of the world, Davis wasted no time jumping in her comments to profess his love for her as well:

“My love you complete me,” David wrote to Tamar. “Before u I was lost in the wilderness, thirsty and searching for that thing I I’d heard existed but remained all too elusive. With every turn of the calendar I settled into the realization that I would be one of those unlucky few who never got to experience the true joy of experiencing life through the eyes of someone who makes every sunset more colorful, every bird’s chirp more beautiful and every glance more meaningful…”

David continued:

“Until that fateful day in the summer I never imagined what real love felt like. You have strengthened me; you have loved me; you have brought me closer to my God; you complete me. I love you; you love me; together forever! Your Dave.”

Tiny Applauds Tamar & David…

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Tamar’s long time friend/Xscape singer, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, also hopped in the comments:

“This is the sweetest exchange between u two! I’m so happy for u Tay u deserve all the happiness life can bring. You are a special individual. Always have been❤️”

Many fans left Tamar congratulatory comments, with some applauding her for leaving her reportedly abusive marriage to her former manager and father of her son, Vincent Herbert.

A Month Earlier Tamar Made Another Request In Divorce Court…
Tamar’s and David’s proclamation of public affection comes approximately one month after Tamar headed back to court. She damn near pleaded with the court to grant her and Vince a “status only” divorce, which means they’d be legally ‘single,’ but still technically ‘married’ on paper, as the two continue to hash out the details of their divorce proceedings. It’s unclear if Tamar’s wish was granted her request though.

Nevertheless, wishing Tamar and her Nigerian investment banker, David Adefeso, many years of happiness.