Tamar Reveals Surprising Thing Toni’s Man Birdman Just Did For Their Mother During Crisis

Posted On : September 30, 2017

Singer/reality star, Tamar Braxton, a.k.a. Toni Braxton’s lil’ sister, has just revealed some pretty surprising news about her mother, Evelyn Braxton, and Cash Money mogul, Birdman.

Tamar Braxton (R) and mother, Evelyn Braxton (L)

As everybody and their mommas know by now, Toni and ‘Mr. Respeck on my name’ have now publicly confirmed their relationship. So when Tamar appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday (9-28-17), she was asked if Toni and Birdman were still together and that’s when she dropped a few bombshells.


Tamar referred to Birdman as her “brother-in-law,” because she says that although Toni never told her that, she believes they eloped on the low, especially after seeing what Birdman just did for their mother.

Toni Braxton and boyfriend, Birdman

Mother’s Heart Surgery

The other bombshell Tamar dropped was about momma Evelyn, who stars on Braxton Family Values with her daughters. She revealed that her mother held a family meeting on Sunday (9-17-17), to inform them that she had to have heart surgery the very next day. Tamar says she was in complete shock and broken up by the news. The heart surgery was a success, but soon after, Evelyn then suffered a stroke. But thankfully, Tamar says their mom made it through and is currently back at home recovering, smiling, talking, etc..

What Tamar Says Birdman Did For Their Mother

The Braxtons

She also has great respect for Birdman because she revealed he was there every step of the way “like a brother-in-law” would be. Tamar said that Birdman was there during the family meeting, to the surgery, and he’s still there with her mother at home. That’s why Tamar is now convinced Toni has secretly eloped on the low, LOL.

Most people think Toni and Birdman are an odd couple, but somehow they make it work. I guess the one thing that cannot be denied is that they’re clearly in love…and Birdman also loves his girlfriend’s momma like a ‘mother-in-law.’ See what else Tamar said about this at the 8:12 mark of the video below…

In addition to discussing her family and Birdman, Tamar also took a minute to explain why shaded Monica, Kandi, Tiny, Toya and others on Instagram and she and her close friend, Tiny have now finally forgiven each otehr. By the way, be on the lookout for Xscape, Tamar, and Monica coming to a city near you on their tour.