Teddy Riley & Berry Gordy’s Granddaughter Stand Up For Her Uncle Michael & Call Out Accusers’ Stories

Posted On : April 8, 2019

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As the backlash continues against the controversial Leaving Neverland documentary, legendary producer, Teddy Riley, and Berry Gordy’s granddaughter a.k.a. Michael Jackson’s niece have some things to get off their chests about the accusers.

Before we move forward with what they’re saying in defense of MJ and also about the lies that were exposed regarding the documentary, let us first refresh everyone’s memory about how MJ is connected to Berry Gordy’s fam.’

Berry shares a grandbaby with MJ’s parents, Joe Jackson and Katherine Jackson. Many of us Old Schoolers remember when MJ’s big bro,’ Jermaine Jackson, jumped the broom with Berry’s daughter, Hazel Gordy. The two of them remained married from 1973 to 1988 and through their union, produced three children- sons, Jermaine Jr. and Jaimy; and daughter, Autumn.

Jermaine has already spoken out about the MJ doc’:

This time, it’s Jermaine’s and Hazel’s daughter, Autumn Jackson, who is out here slammin’ the HELL outta MJ’s accusers’ Wade Robson and James Safechuck, as well as their Leaving Neverland documentary and it’s director. And she’s also co-signing what New Jack Swing pioneer, Teddy Riley had to say.

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