Teddy Riley & Berry Gordy’s Granddaughter Stand Up For Her Uncle Michael & Call Out Accusers’ Stories

Posted On : April 8, 2019

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Like the rest of MJ’s family, Autumn Jackson (above, 2nd from left), was very close to her uncle Michael. So she’ll be damned if she’s letting the recent lies, that have been exposed about the accusers’ claims, simply just fly under the radar. She’s taken to social media to call out every suspect piece of info that has now surfaced…

On April 5, 2019, Autumn Jackson tweeted:

“In the interviews I’ve done, every1 cuts out the child pornography angle I mention. Once LN is finally proven fake we’ll be left w/ disgusting & graphic sex fantasies about a man molesting 2 boys that caters to the truly sick minded.Good job you 3. I see big trouble coming for you…

This is on a whole new level of propoganda and promotional abuse that will directly affect and hurt children.Bye bye #metoo and all others that want to promote, praise this work or silently stand by. You are all equally to blame. Stand up for the children. Stand against this film.”

She also tweeted some shots at Wade Robson:

“If Wade still can’t get his story straight before, during and after #LeavingNeverland,how is anyone supposed to believe he was able to ‘lie’ his way through a grueling cross examination in the 2005 trial?He’s making everyone that believes in his fantasy look foolish. #ChainOfFools”

Autumn Jackson also retweeted Teddy Riley’s post about his late friend MJ, and the accusers’ lies, which read:

“The Most High Revealed…Victory is Yours bigbro!!! I know You’re smiling right now, & there is more to Come. #michaeljackson #king #big #heart #legend #newjackswing”

And she retweeted a diss to Oprah, for backing MJ’s accusers:

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