Tevin Campbell Admitted He’s “Try-Sexual,” Where Has He Been?

Posted On : January 13, 2015

tevin campbell

“I always say that I have to live my life for me. Everyone has to go home at night and live behind closed doors. No matter what you think you know about a celebrity and what they are doing, you truly don’t know. Everybody lives behind closed doors… As far as what I do in my personal life, if you get to know me then you’ll know. But I have friends and family that love me for who and what I am. I don’t need other people to love me for who I am, I need them to love me for my music and if they can’t do that then you’re not a fan. I divulge a lot in my album. I know the questions that people ask, so really the only way you’ll get to know me is through my music.”

Now, Shhhhh, here’s Tevin breaking it down:


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