The 1 Thing Toni Braxton REFUSED To Share In Lifetime Biopic!!!

Posted On : January 24, 2016

Toni Braxton’s Lifetime Biopic went off pretty well last night, getting great reviews from folks on on social media. And while the biopic is very detailed, and covers the ups and downs of Toni Braxton’s life including her bankruptcy and health issues, but there is one thing she chose not to go too deep into.

Braxton, who served as a producer of the film, said, “I thought my personal sex life is off limits.”

She didn’t want to speak on her sex life as it is something that she’s very embarrassed about, and she admitted that she doesn’t get much of it. During an interview with The View in June of this year, Braxton revealed what her gynecologist told her about her vagina! “My gynecologist told me, ‘Toni, you need to start using your vagina more.'”

“I said that out loud, didn’t I?” the 47-year-old singer said, laughing. She went on to explain that men “don’t really approach me.” And when they do, “they never really follow it through.”

Fast forward to just the past week, in an interview with Tracey Edmonds, when Tracey asked if she were dating, she said, “Not really. I’m newly divorced. It takes a second to get over that. Now I’m like ‘Okay maybe I should think about dating.”tonibraxton

“I haven’t brought anyone home yet. I think it’s a boy thing with their mom. Like, Mom are you gonna wear that?’”

An interesting fact is that Toni said that she didn’t have much of a creative say in the film.