The Now GROWN Actress Endured The WORST But See What Whoopi Just Helped Her Do

Posted On : February 20, 2017

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ILOSM fam’ this story of the former kid actress who played the young Tina Turner in “What’s Love Got To Do With It” is a perfect example of two old school sayings: (1) What’s done in the dark, will always come to the light; and (2) Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Rae'Ve Kelly with her parents
Rae’Ve Kelly with her parents

Actress, Rae’Ven Kelly, was just a little girl when the world was watching her work her magic on the big screen, but she was going through hell behind closed doors. Some of y’all may recall our prior story where we revealed that Rae’Ven slapped her parents, Phyllis Larrymore-Kelly and Kevin Kelly, with a major lawsuit in 2016 for defamation- unimaginable lies she said they spread about her out of spite; emotional abuse; and for allegedly stealing almost one million dollars from her. It left her in a tough position in life (read more about that here).
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We also reported that in 2016, Rae’Ven endured an ugly incident of police brutality and it was one the most demeaning things that NO woman should ever have to go through at the hands of police…

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Today though, at 31 years old, she’s bouncing back in a MAJOR way, with a little help from Whoopi Goldberg, a lot of self-determination, and a whole lotta resilience- much like the icon Tina, who she played 24 years ago (in 1993).