Things Got Heated! See Why Prince & Morris Day Had A REAL Fist Fight!

Posted On : February 3, 2015

prince and morris blog pic

Most of us knew that they had problems with each other, but many didn’t know things got THIS bad. So we had to let our family know about this because as you know, we’re ILOSM- ‘Old School news with a new point of view’ and ooh-wee, I know these dudes are glad there was no internet, or social media back in 1984 when this all went down. The two best buddies from high school had beef in the movie and in real life and they ultimately got into an all-out brawl!

Word on the Old School curb is that by the time Purple Rain was release in the summer of ’84, Morris Day and Prince were not even speaking to each other due to disagreements over “creative differences” What people also didn’t know at the time, The Time’s Jesse Johnson and Prince argued all the time according to reports.

According to NYPost:


Although he almost stole the film with his own charismatic performance as Prince’s nemesis, Morris Day of the Time was lucky to be in it at all. Friends since high school, Prince and Day’s relationship had been souring: The Time were controlled by and had their songs written by Prince, and the arrangement came to frustrate Day. That tension resulted in an on-set fight that was broken up by the Time’s drummer Jellybean Johnson.


It was also rumored that Morris Day wasn’t invited to the