Time Flies: Fantasia’s Daughter Graduates High School & Shows Off Her Rarely Seen Dad

Posted On : May 17, 2019

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When it comes to Fantasia’s beautiful daughter, Zion, we’ll start this article off with the obvious question: Where did the time go?!! That is the question that Zion prompted in the rare family photos Fantasia recently shared of herself, her rarely seen daughter’s father, and their daughter on her graduation day.

Many of us probably remember when ‘Tasia had her adorable little girl walking red carpets with her some years ago. Well Zion is a lot older now and looks completely different from her cute, braided hairdo days. Zion took a break from the spotlight for a minute and came back blossomed into what you’re about to see below.

Father time is amazing, it seems like just yesterday lil’ Zion Barrino looked like this…

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As we previously reported, Zion is not only a gorgeous young lady, but just like her Moms, she has no problem cuttin’ up on stage. Matter of fact, she’s been known to do so on occasion, during a few of Fantasia’s performances.
Now that we’re caught up on Zion’s similarities to her Moms, check out her graduation pics below…

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