Time Flies: Fantasia’s Daughter Graduates High School & Shows Off Her Rarely Seen Dad

Posted On : May 17, 2019

Proud Parents Moment…
In a new Instagram post, Fantasia showed just how much her daughter has grown up as she makes her transition from high schooler to adulthood. In the rare family shot, Fantasia was cheesin’ from ear to ear along with Zion’s father, Brandel Shouse- who has a tumultuous past with Fantasia- on their daughter’s graduation day.

Fantasia (R) with her ex, Brandel, and their daughter, Zion on graduation day 2019 [Instagram]
Fantasia also shared this photo of Zion with some of her loved ones on her graduation day, along with the below caption:

Zion on graduation day 2019 [Instagram]

“Zion❤️ You changed my Life, you made all things right and at the time when most thought it was the End-for me when I became pregnant. It was really the beginning of a Beautiful Journey and now Look at “you” look at that smile. #proudmom”

Fantasia and daughter, Zion [Instagram]
Fantasia and her Daughter’s Father Have Come A LONG Way…
In 2014, Fantasia and Brandel were in a bitter battle over their then 13 year old daughter Zion. At the time, here is what TMZ reported at that time:

Fantasia Barrino says her baby daddy who is suing for custody of their teenage daughter is nothing but a deadbeat sperm donor.

Brandel Shouse claims in new legal docs he’s a better parent than Barrino and he should be the primary parent for 13-year-old Zion. So he’s gunning for physical and legal custody.

The former “American Idol” winner is incredulous … claiming Shouse has NEVER had a relationship with or cared for Zion. She also says he’s never given her a dime of financial support. So Fantasia has decided if he wants to fight, then fight it is. Now she wants him to ante up child support. She says he’s able bodied, employed and capable of earning substantial amounts of cash.

The two were high school sweethearts, but he was abusive to her and ended up pleading guilty to beating and choking her. –TMZ, 2014

From the looks of it, they’ve since then made peace with each other and moved forward with their co-parenting. Congratulations to Zion! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for that young Queen.