Tina Knowles’ Actor Husband Was Previously Married Into An Iconic Musical Family

Posted On : September 21, 2018


We all know and love Tina Knowles & Richard Lawson as a couple. Tina recently posted pics of her and Richard in marital bliss, and they are in love! In researching that story, we noticed that Richard’s daughter was linked to a wealthy music family! Check out the gallery & story below:

Mother Of Richard’s Daughter, Bianca Lawson, Hails From A Legendary Family…

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Bianca Lawson’s now a 39 year old actress best known for her roles on “Saved by the Bell,” “Sister, Sister,” and “The Steve Harvey Show,” and most recently in Oprah Winfrey Network drama series, “Queen Sugar.” But it’s her mom that Richard Lawson married back in 1978. She was…

Richard Lawson’s Ex-Wife Is A Gordy

Bianca-Lawson-Denise-GordyHer face may not be familiar, but Bianca’s mom is the niece of the famed Berry Gordy. Denise Gordy, is the daughter of George and Rosemary Gordy.

These days as we all know, Richard Lawson is happily married into another musical family to his lovely wife, Tina Knowles Lawson.

Speaking of Tina and Richard’s union, as we previously reported, Tina admitted in a prior interview that she almost did NOT marry Richard, but she’s now glad she did.

Tina Lawson Explains Why She Almost Did NOT Marry Richard

Tina explained to Essence, how after her marriage of 31 years to Beyonce’s and Solange’s dad, Matthew Knowles, was finally over, she was: ‘lookin’ for a new love baby, a new love, yeah, yeah, yeah’ (shout out to Jody Watley). So Tina’s best friend, Monica (who’s also friends with Richard), called up Richard and asked him to set her girl, Tina, up with one of HIS friends.

“She called him [Richard] and asked him to introduce me to some men and I thought, ‘My God, I just seem so desperate,’” said Tina.

Richard tried to help at first, then he decided to make his move on Tina instead, BUT what Tina did next almost shut down this whole love connection FOREVER…

Richard ‘liked it,’ but he almost didn’t do what Tina’s daughter preaches and ‘put a ring on it,’ because Tina was like “Hell no!” After Tina told Richard the qualities she wanted in a man, he obviously was like, ‘Bump that, instead of my friends, it sounds like I AM her type!’ So he asked Tina to consider him being her man:

“Me and Monica both said ‘Hell no!’” revealed Tina. “That was only because the women like Richard so I was like, ‘Oh no, I don’t want to deal with that.’”

Sounds like Tina didn’t want to risk getting cheated on by a man who gets so many offers from his groupies on the regular, but thankfully Richard proved her wrong.

Moral of the story- We can’t be so afraid of getting our hearts broken, that we come THIS close to shutting out our potential soul mates forever. I’m glad Richard didn’t give up on Tina after she shut him down, because now they seem happier than two teenagers in love for the first time. Their example gives a lot of us, old schoolers out here, hope that finding true love isn’t just a thing of the past.