Tito, Jackie & MJ’s Kids Throw Lavish 60th Birthday Bash For Michael Jackson

Posted On : August 30, 2018


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If there’s one thing about the late Michael Jackson, it’s that the brotha always knew how to live and party lavishly. So much so, that in the final years of his life, he went from residing in a plush penthouse in a Vegas casino/hotel, to living in a lavish nearly $10 million Las Vegas crib, where he raised his kids up until his time of death in 2009. That explains why MJ’s eldest children, Paris (20) and Prince (21), just threw their pops a very expensive and ultra plush posthumous b-day party in a Las Vegas casino for his August 29 birthday.

Tito & Jackie ‘Turn Up’ With The Youngins On MJ’s Birthday

The ‘Michael Jackson Diamond Birthday Celebration’ was poppin,’ according to several guests who attended the event at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas.

Michael’s big brothers, Tito and Jackie Jackson, were also in the building celebrating MJ’s life with Paris and Prince on Wednesday night. As y’all can tell from the pic below, looks like the Jackson 5 icons had a blast in honor of their brother. By the way, can we take a second to acknowledge the fact that they’re out here representing the Old School well?

Can you all believe Jackie is 67 years young and Tito is 64?!! Don’t know where they’re hiding that fountain of youth, but they need to spill the beans…sharing is caring. Anywho, check out what Jackie tweeted about Michael’s 60th celebration:

Paris and Prince hit the stage at their dad’s festivity, dressed in all their MJ-inspired glory. Prince rocked a red jacket similar to the one MJ wore in the 90’s. While Paris kept her MJ-esque inspirations to a minimum, with some embellished MJ themed sneakers.

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In addition to Tito, Jackie, Paris, and Prince gettin’ their party on, a bunch of other celebs were there, including Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross, and his wife/singer, Ashlee Simpson. Angela Bassett was there showing off that 60-and-fine-as-wine physique, as was Gabrielle Union, Usher and many more.

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Matter of fact, Usher performed for his friend, MJ, and so did the Cirque du Soleil, which performed it’s “Michael Jackson ONE” tribute show.

Guests were treated to a massive amount of Michael Jackson memorabilia and after the event wrapped, the party didn’t stop! They all headed over to a nearby club for the after party. Whew! Jackie and Tito were probably tired as hell after all of that! C’mon now, y’all already know how we, Old Schoolers, do- we’re ready turn IN damn near before the ‘turn UP’ even starts! LOL…but I digress.

At any rate, it was beautiful that Michael’s family and friends put on such a lavish display for what would have been his big 6-0.

In Case You Missed Janet’s MJ Tribute…


Another family member, Janet, celebrated her brother’s b-day with a bang in her own way. In case y’all missed our prior report, Janet teamed up with popular Instagram stars, Kwaylon Rogers a.k.a. @BlameItOnKway and King Bach, to shoot a 1-minute, 11-second video clip that would have MJ crackin’ up if he were still with us.

Janet graciously allowed Kway and an up and coming director named Diamond Batiste (@diamondbfilms), to direct the video. That was incredibly generous of her because after all, she’s Janet- as in the music icon – as in MJ’s lil’ sister, as in “Penny” from “Good Times”…as in, well…y’all get the point and I’m pretty sure Bach, Kway and Diamond got it too.

In the video clip that Janet shared with her Instagram followers, she recreated the scene from Michael’s “Remember the Time” video. Janet played the queen who sat on her throne and judged the talent presented before her- the original queen was played by supermodel, Iman. Kway and King Bach played the talent that Janet was giving the ‘yay’ of ‘nay’ to. It was hilarious because Kway brought his popular hood-licious Instagram character to the video, while King Bach was the comical cat who tried to talk his way outta getting the boot from Janet. You can watch the video above.