Tommy Davidson Recalls When Diddy Was His Assistant, ‘He Carried My Bags’ [Video]

Posted On : May 9, 2019

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Everyone has a beginning. Tommy Davidson remembers when Sean “Diddy” Combs was helping him with his bags and driving him around. Now, he’s a mogul.

Tommy Davidson, widely known for his pioneering roles on In Living Color, participated in an interview while sharing life stories. During one of his reflections, he mentioned a short fact which caught Sway by total surprise.

“…Diddy was my assistant…”

That’s a huge statement. That’s putting a lot on it, one could say. However, Tommy Davidson said it and went on to elaborate how it came to be.

According to Tommy, Diddy is responsible for what’s going on now…”the mogulism.” But at Sean Combs’ beginning, as an intern, he was learning from Andre Harrell — founder of Uptown Records and once-CEO of Motown Records — as well as learning from Russell Simmons.

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