Tommy Davidson Recalls When Diddy Was His Assistant, ‘He Carried My Bags’ [Video]

Posted On : May 9, 2019

‘Wait, Wait, Wait…”…

According to Tommy Davidson, even as an intern, Diddy was heavily amid the inner circle. Along with his Harrell and Simmons connections, Heavy D was also Diddy’s friend, as mentions Davidson.

I know that because he was my assistant on ‘Strictly Business’,” the legendary actor recalls. “He was my assistant. He carried my bags.

Catching Sway off-guard, the host has Tommy run it back and elaborate more.

“Puff was my assistant and would drop me off at the set with my bags and stuff. Diddy, EVEN THEN, he was ‘legit.’ HE WAS LEGIT! … He used to take me down to these clubs: Octagon, Red Parrot, The Building … he took me to those clubs, before they were even signed!”

Tommy Davidson goes on to say that Diddy’s first supermove was when he did the ’94 remix of Craig Mack’s “Flava In Ya Ear.” He says Diddy was responsible for bringing Busta Rhymes on that track.

It’s funny how it was ‘Flava In Ya Ear’, because he brought flavor to ‘mogulism,’ Tommy continues speaking about Diddy. “See, because Russell and Andre didn’t really have that ‘thing’. Russell had kind of a preppy, ‘Boyz II Men’ kinda…

Of course, the interview continues for several more minutes.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in that entire section, the video’s minute-marker starts at 00:05:10.