Toni Braxton’s BACK After Lupus Scare &See WHO She Strolled On Stage With

Posted On : October 15, 2016

Fresh off of health scare due to her Lupus condition, Toni Braxton is healthy again and back it. She performed last night at a concert in Kansas City and surprisingly was on stage performing and singing as if she as never laid up in a hospital bed just a little over a week ago. The crowd was so happy to see her and she shocked them yet again when she pulled her rumored boo-thang, Birdman a.k.a ‘Mr. Respeck on my name,’ up on stage.

Can someone tell me why is it a big deal, that this two are dating #PressPlay : #ToniBraxton X #Birdman #BaeWatch 👀 Via: @iamz0 – #regrann @Regrann_App from @theshaderoom

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What’s really up with these two? They’ve given us all of these mixed messages for the past few months, as well as conflicting displays of PDA when they are seen caressing each others’ arm in public, or holding hands on red carpets.
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And then there was the time when Toni’s sister, Traci, basically slipped up and confirmed that Toni and Birdman were in a committed relationship…or so we thought.
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Traci Braxton on Toni’s relationship with Birdman: “He’s been in the family for such a long time, so it’s like almost INCEST. It’s like kissing your brother in the mouth or something,” said Traci.

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But both Toni B. and Birdman say they’re just friends. Ummmhmmmm….

Toni even said this in an interview a few months ago about Birdman and her Mothers views about him: “My Mom wants us to [date]. My Mom’s always says ‘You guys have been friends forever, maybe you should’…My Mom LOVES him, he’s such a sweetheart…[but] we’re just BESTIES,” says Toni.

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Don’t know about y’all, but my Momma always told be “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then- say it with me now- it IS a duck!
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And in my opinion, this Toni and Birdman situation is a DUCK, so they might as well stop ‘ducking’ the obvious and let the world know what’s up, just saying…LOL.
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Just to give them the benefit of a doubt, I will say that they may be telling the truth about their “friendship”…I’m just trying to be politically correct…but are any of you buying it though?