Tragic, Here’s How This “Crooklyn” Actor Sadly Passed Away Way Too Young

Posted On : July 8, 2018

Actor, Carlton Williams II, was best known for his role in Spike Lee’s film, Crooklyn. Williams played “Clinton,” the annoying older brother to his siblings, who loved the Knicks, and always lovingly bullied his little sister, “Troy” in the film. He also was probably the most recognizable character, with his distinctive features and those big glasses he rocked in the movie. *Carlton is pictured below in the white shirt, with his hand on the head of the actress, Zelda Harris, who played his lil’ sister in the film.*

Sadly, Carlton Williams is no longer with us. He passed away in 2003 without much, if any, hype surrounding the date of his passing. So that is why we decided to bring some attention to this young brotha’s life. Williams ultimately died from complications due to sickle cell anemia, a disease which most often plagues African Americans. He was only 24 years old.

It’s not always meant for us to understand why some people have to leave this earth so young, but hopefully Carlton’s family found comfort in knowing that his life was not lived in vain. He left a great impact on the world, by being a part of a film that showed that even when families do not have much -by way of material things- love is all that they need. This movie was a much needed message within our society and Carlton Williams played a vital part in delivering that message. May he continue to rest well.

For an update on what “Crooklyn” actress, Zelda Harris, is doing nowadays, check her out HERE and prepare to be amazed.

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