Twitter Is Letting Drake Have It After His Response To Kevin Durant’s Season Ending Injury

Posted On : June 12, 2019

If you watched Game 5 of the highly explosive championship series between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors then you know Kevin Durant made his triumphant return. And straight out the gate he was ballin’ like crazy. Golden State fans cheered on as Durant hit threes like a boss, hoping to regain momentum in a series where the Raptors are only one win away from victory. And one of those fans, rapper Drake, was doing the most as always on the sidelines as the game continued. However, everything shifted during the second quarter when Durant suffered an injury guaranteed to end his season. And honestly, it may affect next season as well.

Hard To Watch

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Durant and the Warriors were cooking the Raptors for the better part of the first half and though they eventually went on to win the game they lost Durant for the rest of the series when he re-injured his right leg during the second quarter.

As Durant was escorted off the court (remember, they were in Toronto for Game 5) the fans actually began cheering his injury. Drake, who has been trolling each team his beloved Raptors faces, took a softer tone appearing concerned for Durant since the two of them are friends outside of the game.

Although it appears Drake is genuinely concerned for his friend’s well being Twitter has been ruthless with their response. And ironically, Drake ain’t here for any of the trolling.

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