Uh Oh! Brandy Shows Off Her New Man & Claps Back Hard At Fan For Shading Him

Posted On : May 11, 2017

Brandy Norwood is trying her hand at love once again, after a few failed public relationships. In a surprising move for her fans, she took to social media to debut her new man, whom is someone many are apparently shocked she’s with and others are truly happy that she hasn’t given up on love after her last breakup with her ex-fiancee.

Brandy’s New Man


Brandy is dating Sir William James The Baptist a.k.a The Hip Hop Chaplain a.k.a. a gospel rapper. If you haven’t heard of him yet, don’t worry, now that they’ve gone public, you will. Turns out he’s actually a dope artists and prides himself on being the son of a pastor.


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He and Brandy seem to have a great relationship and although this is Brandy’s first time sort of confirming to her IG fans that he’s her new man, Sir James has been sharing posts about his lady for quite some time. Now on to this shut down session Brandy had to deliver to a fan over her him…

Brandy’s Shuts Down Fan’s Comment About Her New Boo

When fans saw Brandy’s posts, she received mixed reactions (but mostly congrats) due to her history in the love department. From her very first love, Wanya Morris (of Boyz II Men), dropping her like a bad habit back in the day (Brandy admitted that); to the father of her beautiful daughter,  Robert Smith, publicly exposing her in their lie about having been married even though they weren’t; to her past manager/former fiancee,  Ryan Press, apparently lying to her (according to Brandy) by giving her a huge rock that she later found out was cubic zirconium, and them ultimately splitting in 2014…Brandy’s heart has been through the ringer.

Well, today (5-11-17) there was one fan who pissed Brandy the hell off with a comment about her new man and Brandy wasted no time responding. Check out their exchange below…

brandy comment exchange2

Fan Backtracks & Apologizes

After the fan saw Brandy wasn’t ’bout any games, she tried to “fix” her words to which Brandy also replied…
brandy fan exchange

Other Fans Hate & Love Brandy’s Clap Back

Some fans thought Brandy was wrong for responding to her fan, while most of her fans were big upping Brandy for her clap back…
brandy commenters
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Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.10.11 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.09.38 PM
Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.10.22 PM
So it seems that the moral of the story here is, don’t come for Brandy unless she comes for you.