(VIDEO) Bus Driver Under Fire For Using Old School Discipline…Right or Wrong?

Posted On : April 2, 2015

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

Now look at what’s being reported in the media about it:

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

So the bus driver used some foul language…so what? Now I know some people may not agree with that, but truth be told, she might not have gotten those rowdy kids tamed without getting their attention somehow…cussing wasn’t the only way, but it was her way. Those are teenagers and we all know they can be difficult at that age if you don’t put them in their places, and from what the bus driver said on the video, this was not the first time…it’s been happening constantly. Everyone reaches a breaking point…I’m sure even reverends have one. Now had that been a bus full of toddlers, it would have been a whole ‘nother story, but these teens are not immune to a few “choice words” because the fact of the matter is that they hear far worse words and messages in their music.

Back in the day, this would not have been a big deal because we followed the Old School rule of ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ If we were acting up in the streets, our parents wanted the neighbor or a responsible adult they know, to check us. That kept us in line and it taught us how to respect our elders and ourselves. This bus driver telling these kids to throw hands the old fashioned way to settle their dispute once and for all and stop causing disruption, is exactly what I think the kids of today need to hear more often. They need to let that woman keep her job!

Sound off ILOSM family and tell us if you think what the bus driver did was RIGHT or WRONG?