(VIDEO) Does Diana Ross’ Son Have The Singing Skills To Pay The Bills?

Posted On : February 4, 2015

diana and evan blog pic
Diana Ross’ son, Evan Ross released a new single last month titles “How To Live Alone” and the music video which features a cameo from Diana and his new wife singer, Ashlee Simpson (whom Diana made allegedly sure that Evan had sign a pre-nup before they wed a few months ago). With several acting gigs under his belt, Evan has already proven himself as an actor, but following in his Mom’s footsteps as a singer are some big shoes to fill, so we want you to check out the video below and tell us if you think he has what it takes to succeed in today’s music industry.

Maybe using his original birth name, Evan Naess, might have helped in this case because he could have established himself outside of his Mother’s shadow, but then again, having that “Ross” stamp can be a big edge for him. He’s definitely also got a shot, but there’s no guarantee.

We wish Evan the best with his career, but unfortunately we’ve seen