Video Of Teenager Moving Like Michael Jackson Is Worth Every Second

Posted On : September 2, 2016

Who doesn’t miss Michael? Especially, the old Michael, right? Well we were pretty surprised to see this young man, who doesn’t even look 18 channeling MJ like we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Although he might not want to admit it to his crew, this guy had to study MJ’s moves over and over again. So kudos to him for respecting the old school!!!

Now this is a warning, that these guys are young, and it looks like they might even be a little “high”, but check out the video, which has pretty explicit language.

Warning: This video contains explicit commentary. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sure, there are a few dance moves missing from the mix, according to FanPop‘s list of Michael’s moves.

But, overall, he makes you believe that you could probably get on the floor and hit the “anti-gravity lean” too. Go ahead. No one’s watching.

[Gets popcorn.]

Try the lean and the moonwalk. Just don’t do too much crotch grabbing.

Disclaimer: ILOSM is not responsible for any actions attempted or results rendered by the reader or viewer.

Just saying.

So, who is this guy?

The video surfaced on WorldStar Hip Hop some time ago. If you know anything about WorldStar, it doesn’t really give too much information about what or who’s in the video.

However, it was recently posted, on August 27, by Facebook user LiveTV313. So far, the video has received over 2,200 comments, 13.2k shares, and 6.8k reactions and likes, as well as 487k views.

Is He Really High Though?

From a look at the video, you can tell that this guy is simply a Michael Jackson enthusiast. While many men are also the same when it comes to the King of Pop, many don’t admit it openly for fear of some sort of emasculation.

However, most viewers — just like you, I’m sure — note that he’s not on any drugs. Simply, he’s taken it upon himself to “be like Mike.”

One Facebook commentator, Joe King, gives this guy mad props for his efforts.

“Obviously its not cause he’s too high & think he’s Michael Jackson but he actually studied his dance moves big time lol. Good job bro. I know the shoes definitely hindered your moonwalk cause of all that grip lol.”

Likewise, another commentator, Angel Cosey, mentioned that Michael Jackson is the only person that would make a person “put all them creases in they jays [Jordan’s].”

Michael Would Be Proud

More comments point to the fact that he’s imitating the “black version” of Michael. And, they’re right.

Most M.J. impersonators tend to go for the latter version of Mike rather than the old school one.

It’s good to see someone keep it true to the man, himself, and his roots.

Well, actually, there is Michael Trapson. However, that’s for another story.

He impersonates “black” Michael but as a modern-day trap artist.

What are your thoughts regarding this guy’s dance video? Did it inspire you to try a few moves, yourself? Go ahead. No one’s watching.