Viral Male Internet Singer Gives Graphic Claims Of His Alleged Gay Affair With Wendy’s Husband

Posted On : April 17, 2019

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As the ever-growing controversy unfortunately continues to emerge, surrounding Wendy Williams’ marriage to Kevin Hunter, so do the surprises.

We all have heard by now that Wendy’s husband has allegedly cheated with a mistress of 10 years, but now a popular internet singer has just come forward with very graphic details of the sexual affair he says he had with Kevin.

In a new interview with UnWine With Tasha K, Aveon Falster had a LOT to say. He’s the singer, who in 2017, became a viral sensation after his eerily similar sound to singer, Brian McKnight, gained mass attention. He ended up on the Wendy William’s Show, as an audience member and spontaneously sang for the audience, which is where he claims his connection to Kevin Hunter began.

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