Viral Male Internet Singer Gives Graphic Claims Of His Alleged Gay Affair With Wendy’s Husband

Posted On : April 17, 2019
Singer, Aveon Falster, with his wife, Quasi (via UnWine With Tasha K Youtube)

Aveon Falster Says Kevin Hunter’s Mistress Convinced Kevin To Sign Him
Months after Aveon sang on Wendy’s talk show, he says Kevin initially didn’t wanna sign him to his 53rd West management company, but that Kevin’s alleged mistress, Sharina “Nikki” Hudson, convinced him to do so.

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Falster Claims Hunter Initially Tried To Seduce Falster In A Spa
According to Aveon, their business relationship turned sexual after Kevin unsuccessfully attempted to seduce him in a spa:

Aveon Falster- “Kevin would always beg me to go to the spa. Always begged me to go to the spa. I don’t like the spa. I don’t like massages. When we got to the spa, I noticed, he would only choose the days that nobody would be in there. I already had curiosity that he was gay anyway, you know how men be like, act like they tough.”

“So he got naked and went in the pool and he was like ‘So what you gon do when you get in them rooms and they ask you what you wanna do for fame. He was like come on, ‘Get in the tub. Let me talk to you.’”

However, Aveon -who is an openly bisexual, married man- says he turned down Kevin’s initial offer and left the room:

“Mind you, I’m in this clay room. I say, ‘If this ni&&a come in here in the next two minutes, fully dressed, telling me to go…he’s gay.’ This muhfu*ka came in less than a minute and told me, he said, ‘Let’s go.’”

A Month Later, Aveon Falster Claims They Went Back To The Spa
One month after that initial alleged encounter, Aveon says he and Kevin went back to that same spa and that Kevin made it known he wanted to have rough sex with him and nothing “romantic”:

“It’s not a romantic thing with this gay sh*t,” Falster explained. “It’s not a romantic thing when you having sex with a man. Next time we went in there, both of us got naked. Both of us got in the tub, we was talking, we was building. When we got into that sauna, that’s when we both performed fellatio that’s when we both fu–d each other in the butt.”

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