Damon Wayans Jr. Seeks Custody, Accuses Mom Of Terrible Acts To Kids & D.Wade’s Son

Posted On : September 24, 2018

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A while back, we reported that Damon Wayans Jr., son of the legendary comedic actor, Damon Sr., has children with a former reality TV star. That news came as a surprise. What also made folks go, ‘Saywhat?!!,’ was that Damon Jr.’s baby mama is the same young lady who had a baby with NBA star, Dwyane Wade – during his supposed “break” from his now actress wife, Gabrielle Union.

Well, fast forward to today and Damon Jr. is now fighting to gain custody of his two teen daughters and he’s making some serious claims about what his ex is doing to both his children, as well as Wade’s son.

Damon Jr. and former Basketball Wives reality TV star, Aja Metoyer, have 13 and 15-year-old daughters. The former lovebirds were high school sweethearts and apparently had a lengthy relationship, until things went sour. By 2013, Aja had a son with Dwyane Wade, who’s now 4 years old. According to court docs, she’s collecting child support for all three of her children. However, Damon is now claiming that she’s not doing right by them, nor her kids in return.

According to The Blast, Damon Jr. is accusing Aja of everything under the sun – including child neglect, being a selfish mother and a unfit parent, who reportedly spend up her kids child support checks on things other than her children. As a result, he is requesting primary physical custody of his daughters. Prior to now, the two shared joint custody and Aja had primary physical custody of their girls:

Mother of Damon Wayans, Jr.’s and Dwayne Wade’s kids, Aja Metoyer formerly of “Basketball Wives”

Via The Blast: “Happy Together” star Damon Wayans Jr. has put his reality star baby mama on notice that he wants to change up their custody arrangement and get full custody of his kids because she’s allegedly not taking their daughter’s education seriously, and he’s also questioning how she’s spending child support money from him and NBA star Dwyane Wade.

According to a declaration by Wayans, he now wants primary custody of the girls during the week, claiming they are “suffering scholastically” because of their mother’s “inability to prioritize their education.” The actor claims the children are “habitually absent” or tardy to class, and lists a host of other issues he says is negatively affecting his children’s education and home life.

Wayans argues that with having primary custody, it is Metoyer’s responsibility to get the children to school on time and make sure they complete their homework.

In addition to the above claims by Damon Jr., he also states in court docs that Aja “puts her own needs before those” of her children. The Blast reported that one such example he listed, is when she reportedly took one of their daughters on a cruise for vacation when the girls was actually scheduled to be in summer school, so that she wouldn’t flunk out of class.

But wait…there’s more…

He also claims that Metoyer retaliates against him when the two have personal disputes by denying him access to the girls.

The actor brings up the situation with D-Wade in his documents alleging Metoyer is irresponsibly spending child support money: “I do not know how [Metoyer] spends the child support money she receives from me or the father of [Metoyer’s] other child, a 4-year-old whose father is basketball star Dwayne [sic] Wade.”

He claims that his daughters are routinely left alone to care for 4-year-old Xavier, and says the instability is causing a major problem for all the children.

Damon Wayans Jr. and Aja Meteoyor are due in court for a custody mediation on October 31, the morning of Halloween. But, pretty sure ghosts n goblins won’t be the scary thing she’s spooked about that day though.