We Know Eazy E’s Daughter Is Gorgeous, But Her Curvy Momma’s Giving Us “Ms. Parker” Vibes

Posted On : January 11, 2021

When iconic N.W.A. founder and rapper, Eazy E, died in 1995, it wasn’t widely known exactly how many kids he’d produced. Fast forward nearly 26 years later and some are still confused about that. Some reports state he has 9 and his manager, Jerry Heller, claimed Eazy had 11 kids with 8 women.

Eazy E’s Daughter…

Despite the confusion, one such offspring of Eazy’s is pretty well known- his 28 year old rapper daughter, Erin “Ebie” Wright (pictured below), who as we recently reported, was just 3 and 1/2 when Eazy passed away.

Eazy E’s daughter, Erin “Ebie” Wright

Now, here’s the thing, we’ve already covered Ebie’s story, here on ILOSM. We’ve even shared how much she’s inherited her Pops’ outspokenness, which was evident in her public disdain for his widow, Tomica Wright (we’ll explain that in a minute). But most Eazy E fans had no idea Ebie’s mother is a banger, who’s making these youngins shout, “Heeeeeeyyy Ms. Parker,” every time they see her.

In addition to be fine and fly, Ebie’s moms is helping her defend Eazy’s legacy from the alleged destruction that has been done to it by his wife…which, we’ll also explain in a sec,’ but first…

Check The Mother Of Eazy E’s Daughter’s


Tracy Jernagin- Eazy E’s ex and mother of his daughter, Ebie

Introducing Tracy Jernagin, the former love of Eazy E. As y’all can see, Ebie “git it from her momma”…

Eazy E’s daughter, Erin “Ebie” Wright (R) with her mother, Tracy Jernagin (L)

In a prior online post, Ebie referred to her Moms as her “best friend”:

“Entered the new year with my best friend by my side … For years we’ve put everyone else’s needs in front of our own and as empaths we don’t regret it but this year we’re dedicating ALL of our time, love and energy to ourselves …. We have so many things in store…. cheers to what will be our best year yet mami”

Eazy E’s daughter, Ebie Wright (R), with her mother, Tracy

Ebie And Mother Plan To Tell Eazy E’s ‘Full’ Story…
On Father’s Day 2020, Ebie shared a throwback photo (below) of herself as an infant with her parents, Tracy and Eazy E, vowing to  share their “full” story. Ebie is referring to her planned documentary about Eazy’s life that she and her Mother say will tell the whole truth about him:

Tracy Jernigan with Eazy E holding their daughter, Erika “Ebie” Wright

“Happy Father’s Day to my dad (R.I.P. 👼🏽) AND to the greatest person he could’ve possibly left me on this earth with @tracyjernagin 💐. It’s impossible to completely fill both shoes but goodness have you done the most wonderful job trying to do so every single day of my life . My everything’s .. the two who made me … the realest of all ! ❤️❤️❤️ #BuiltDifferent …… oh and the documentary is still coming 😎🤞🏼. Our story will be told . Production was just effected by corona/covid as was everything else in the world . Soon come 🖤 .”

Can’t wait to check out Eazy E’s doc’…hopefully it’ll see the light of day soon.