Wendy Williams’ Son Still Sour After Giving Dad A Beatdown, Despite Dad’s Latest Attempts

Posted On : June 9, 2019

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Recap Of Hostile Altercation…
Kevin Jr.was arrested in the wee hours of Wednesday (March 22, 2019) morning, during a violent incident with Wendy’s estranged husband, Kevin Sr.

The fight reportedly went down in the store’s parking lot and there were conflicting reasons given as to why…

Initially, sources said ‘they got into an argument over Kevin’s demand for spousal support. Kevin Sr. then launched and claimed Wendy was “brainwashing” their son against him.’ As a result, according to sources, Kevin Sr. reportedly ‘put his son in a headlock, and we’re told Kevin Jr. punched him in the nose to break the hold,’ TMZ reports.

The second story stated that their fight was sparked because Kevin Sr. was trying to tell Kevin Jr. he needs to earn his own living.

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